Specialized Automation solves your automation needs by designing custom components and repurposed equipment to fit your unique requirements. We help our customers improve their operations to increase production, save money and improve product quality. We find ways to work within our customer's budget and time constraints.

Design Services

Specialized Automation will work with you to design and build an automation system to meet your needs in just three steps:

Step 1. Requirements Gathering Meeting
Step 2. Design Approval Meeting
Step 3. Machine Delivery

Maintenance & Repair Services

We can repair any type of automation for your existing systems in many industries. Please call us for a consultation. Repairs include fixing any mechanical, plumbing or electrical device.

We will offer maintenance and procedures for maintaining your system and training your employees to keep your system running smoothly and for an extended period between catastrophic failures.

  • Scheduled/Unsheduled Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Casualty Maintenance

Three easy steps to Specialized Automation design